See why MCI
is the right investment firm for you.

MCI provides secure, reliable and growing cash flows to investors seeking access to closed-door commercial deals often out of reach to the public. Our investment plans offers a higher total return compared to the competition, thanks to our strong network, diligent management, calculated acquisitions and strategic investments.

With the long-run strategy of our fund, and the strategic investment criteria, we can generate a very high weighted Internal Rate of Return (IRR). Through diligent and cautious investment practices, MCI aims and expects to surpass all expectations of commercial investment IRR averages and set a new standard for investor returns.

Above average capitalization rate performance.

MCI strives to increase the revenue and profitability of every investment, venture or acquisition it makes, thereby rewarding individuals who invest earlier with higher returns all the time.

We have a flexible leveraging investment model.

Our flexible leveraging investment model lets us undercut and outbid competitors on key ventures and investments, while continuing to offer the best possible balance of security and return-on-investment.

Receive higher monthly cash dividends.

MCI is an extremely low overhead business. We are capable of maximizing cash dividends for investors, something that no other fund has been able to publicly replicate.

We only invest in reliable markets.

MCI invests only in countries with solid economy and fiscally responsible government, strong banking and resource sectors, that provides a stable and growing environment for investors to mitigate risk.

We have the inside scoop.

Many of the best deals often happen behind closed doors. We have a strong network giving us a huge advantage in the investment world, as great deals rarely make it to the market.

We care. A lot.

MCI is governed by a board of directors with decades of experience and deep interests in the success of the company. Every member of our accountable and balanced board cares about ensuring the highest possible return for our clients.

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