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    MCI is the solution with multiple asset-classes. We combine decades of operational expertise with the dynamic insights of a young team, providing growth capital with unparalleled strategic collaboration.
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    MCI mission is to elevate innovative companies and entrepreneurs to a whole new level, providing both financial and intellectual capital. Think of us as smart money for an even smarter generation.
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    MCI give you the opportunity to multiply your cash flow, generate substantial and passive income, and allow you to magnify your equity through leverage.
We Providing Capital To The New Economy! Find Out More

Institutions & Consultants We offer equity, fixed-income and balanced investment portfolios through separately managed accounts and pooled funds.

Financial Advisors & IntermediariesWe provide practice management and investment services to help financial advisors portfolios for their clients.

Individual InvestorsWe help millions of individual investors around the world meet their financial goals. We offer investment funds and mutual funds around the worlds

High-Net-Worth InvestorsWe have cultivated relationships with high-net-worth clients that span generations.


What if we could create something the investment industry has never seen? Welcome to MCI, we provide a comprehensive range of services to help you implement a complete investment cases.

By Millennials

Our finger is firmly planted on the pulse of today’s trends for an important reason – we’re the target market. We’re founded and run by Millennial entrepreneurs.

Operational Expertise

We help our entrepreneurial partners reach their maximum potential by leveraging decades of experience and the robust resources of MCI.

Smarter Money

Money talks, but it should listen. We’ve had our ear to the ground for decades in the venture capital space, knowing just how to spot trends in today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace.

Why choose Us

MCI leverages 18 years of combined experience, investing in and managing a high-return, low-risk investment fund. We provide an opportunity for high-net-worth individuals to unite their resources and maximize profits.

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Our Investments

MCI caters to clients seeking access to the closed-door commercial deals normally out of reach to the public. We are open to investment from qualified investors all over the world. Our investment plans offers a higher total return compared to the competition, thanks to our strong network, diligent management, calculated acquisitions, and vested interest in the business we invest.

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What you get

Our investments, which are managed by our team of specialists, include blue-chip companies, mobile technology, heavy industries and gold mine spaces in in the Thailand, China, Australia, Japan, India and the United Kingdom. Our investments were carefully chosen for their potential financial returns.

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